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Hello, we are Claire and Sarah and we’re addicted to candles…..there we’ve said it.


From our obsession with candles, waxes and diffusers, Feathers & Fellows was born over a few cups of tea (and maybe the odd biscuit…...sssshhh)


We are mums of little ones living in the rolling Suffolk countryside and really appreciate creating the right atmosphere through beautiful scents around our homes. Through months of research and testing we have created our signature range of candles, melts and diffusers that we love and hope you do too.


Through having children we have experienced the amount of wastage that a family can accumulate and so with that in mind we are passionate about demonstrating ideas of what you can create with the jars, bags, lids & bottles once you have enjoyed your purchases. 


We hope you enjoy these products and remember everyone needs to treat themselves or others….




once in a while!

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