Vetiver is a grass plant and it is used to relieve stress and insomnia, it has a warm earthy scent with a beautiful woody depth. It is definitely one to help you relax.


Vetiver has been referred to as the "oil of tranqulity" need we say more!


Vetiver has already been blended with some of our other oils as it has such a beautiful depth that just warms up any room. We therefore felt that you needed a pure Vetiver candle, diffuser and wax melt.


Candle sizes

Medium - 180ml (approx. 35hrs plus burn time)

Large - 300ml (approx. 50hrs burn time)

Candle care - We recommend that when you first burn the candle, you let it burn for at least 3 hours to allow the melt pool to reach the edge of the jar. When you come to enjoy the candle the next time, all the wax will be used to its full potential. Always try to trim the wick between each use so that the flame does not become too big.

Candle safety - Never leave a candle in reach of children and animals and burn on a flat surface.

Wax Melts - Each set contains 10 wax melts in a biodegradable glassine bag.  Each star gives you approx. 10 hours of burn time, so in total you get 100 hours of this beautiful fragrance filling your room.


Please see our product care page for further information.

Vintage Vetiver